Panel filters and their applications

In recent times STAMBER has invested an important part of its innovation activity in the research, development and production of panel filters, both overmolded or manufactured with a new and highly innovating  technology for which three patents for industrial invention were granted by the Ministry of Economic Development (patents filed by STAMBER on 20 December 2017).

The feature that makes the panel filters eco-friendly is the total absence of glue between the frame – plastic or metal – and the filtering element, made possible by an assembly equipment specifically designed and developed for this requirement, and to the methodology specifically developed to "stretch" the filtering fabric without having to glue it or add any solvent or additive.

There are many diverse fields of application:

For each of these industrial fields of application STAMBER can engineer panels of the desired shape and features, being in a position to can evaluate during the design phase and in collaboration with the customer or partner, the opportunity to conceive the frame as reusable, allowing the subsequent restoration due to deterioration or wear with the replacement of only the filtering part.