Thermoplastic Molding

The plastics molding department is fully automatic ; investments are constantly aiming at maximizing efficiency and reducing operating costs, so as to put on the market a high quality service at competitive prices.

We have five injection presses Arburg and Engel going from 50 to 500 tons, and the potentiality of producing parts and components weighing from 70 gr up to 1500gr.
All presses are equipped with the most modern automation systems and all the necessary devices for temperature control, drying and dehumidification of polymers, which enable us to get an optimal and consistent quality 24 hours a day.
Cartesian robots allow us to reduce production costs and automate the entire production cycle.

Quality is guaranteed by monitoring throughout the production cycle thanks to an integrated computer system. The acquired know-how allows Stamber the molding of special polymers, the over-molding of inserts and filter clothes and the molding of two materials.

Molded Polymers